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Road to Recovery: Pick Up Where You Left Off

All of us have gone through different roadblocks in our messy lives - may it be a midlife crisis, divorce or relationship struggles, bankruptcy or anything that has brought disaster to your inner peace that is almost UNSURVIVABLE. Though, some of us just really hide it better than the others, you are still visible. Yes, YOU.

Those challenges are certainly inevitable as these are sometimes, the consequences of our actions or simply the force of the universe to help us grow and of course, have faith in Him.

But as you go through these tough times, you should also MOVE FORWARD. Easier said than done, right? Let's quit beating around the bush. How do we do it then?

In my own journey to healing, I learned several ways to cope that I'd love to share with you and these are:

Be in the Present - Lao Tzu once said, “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” This has impacted my life as a single mom as there are a lot to think of and worry about. When I started to practice being in the present moment, I learned how my kids needed me more. Yes, I meant more than being fed and bathed, more than making sure I provide for their needs - they need me to be emotionally present. It feels like a run over dog at the end of most days but just keep reminding yourself to be at the present moment.

Seek Help - It's okay to ask for help. Be strong enough to stand alone yet smart enough to know when you need help. About three or four months ago, I was juggling with raising multiple kids and staying on top of my career. Guess what? It didn't work. So, I literally sought help. I hired a helper to help me with the kids and some household stuff. It's still a bit difficult esp. in terms of budget's flexibility but it is much manageable now than how it was before.

Pick Up Where You Left Off - Seriously, how have you been doing before it all happened? In my case, I was not okay. There were several things I was wanting to do before parenthood come into play but that's okay. I realized that I can still pick up where I left off. Few weeks ago, I took the courage to enroll to short courses online for career advancement purposes. It feels great to study again, learning is endless and I consider myself still a work in progress.

I also went back to my first love after almost a decade - writing. I love sharing my thoughts and writing has become a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. I remember joining several essay writing contests back in school. It was fun!

There are other things I also plan to do once I have the time and resources. Just like learning how to play the drums (yes????!) and other instruments. Main reason why was because back in high school, I joined the Rondalla band hoping that I can learn how to play the drums but the coach told me that my hands were too small and I was too thin that time plus the fact that I am a girl, I may not be able to hit the drums loud enough as a requirement. Hahaha! Anyway, I ended up playing the Banduria instrument and it was fun too. I guess it would be great if I learn playing the drums and other instruments together with my kids when the right time comes. This way, our road to recovery becomes smoother as we add color and meaning to it. There's so much to do to make our own journey beautiful. You can go to the gym, jog, meditate or travel to name a few. Don't let the bad days win.

How about you? How is your road to recovery? Are you ready to pick up where you left off? Let's make a progress one day at a time but, let's not also measure our progress using someone else's ruler. We are all incredibly resilient so keep fighting in our own pace no matter what!

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